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Our existing line of imagined products


We dream in pretzel dough.

Using only the purest ingredients like real honey, enriched flour and real cheese, we bake with the latest, most efficient equipment and manufacturing processes, making all things pretzel. Every snack food we bake undergoes continuous lab analysis, from raw materials to final shipped product. To assure that we deliver consistent quality to you, we test for color, moisture, salt, pH, size, breakage and packaging integrity.

Unrelenting pretzel quality.

We make the highest quality pretzels in the food industry in over 50 shapes, 20 sizes and 900 varieties, including those shown here. Ask us about traditional, butter flavor, honey wheat, honey mustard - or about a special shape or flavor for your customers. Our pretzels are often included in party or savory mixes so we're accustomed to unique requests.