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Extruded Products

Looking for healthier corn snacks made with real cheese? What shape? Talk to us about your unique flavor, shape and packaging needs.

Puffed Cheese Curls
A traditional salty snack. Made with real cheese.
Crunchy Cheese Curls
Flavorful and, surprisingly, they have 40% less fat than the leading fried crunchy curls. Made with real cheese.
Cheese Balls
A kid approved favorite. Made with real cheese.
Hot N' Spicy Cheese Balls
Fun to eat, with an added zestiness. Made with real cheese.
Corn Puffs
Hull less corn pops with a great buttery flavor like popcorn, but without the hard pieces.

 Jalapeño Corn Puffs
The same great quality Corn Puff, but with an exciting kick.