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Pretzels Incorporated Founders Bill Mann and Bill Huggins didn't set out in 1978 to be proprietors of one of the largest independent pretzel company in the United States. But, as with all great men, that is exactly what happened.

Bill and Bill simply set out to service a customer niche that was abandoned by the Bachman Company when Bachman's parent company decided to consolidate operations in Reading PA.

One 50 foot oven was assembled in a small production facility and warehouse in Bluffton Indiana. With a handful of employees and a manual packing process, the business commenced. The first pretzels ran off the line in the spring of 1979.

The original Pretzels Inc. building was outgrown by 1980. Ground was broken for a new larger facility next door to the original. Several building additions have been made to that structure through the past few years to accommodate production of a full array of pretzels: thins, sticks, rods and minis, as well as a complete line of cheese snacks. Primarily a private label company, Pretzels introduced its own brand name, "Harvest Road" in the mid-eighties. These successful product lines have led to distribution nationwide and in Canada. Today, Pretzels Inc. products reach around the globe.

The current operation hosts a 206,000 square foot facility in Bluffton another facility in Plymouth IN. Housing 9 pretzel ovens and 2 extruded lines. There are 450 employees operating the highly automated, state-of-the-art bakeries. The high-precision, computerized machinery is truly a tribute to technology.

If establishing the company is not enough, Bill and Bill established a family. Not only the 250 plus individuals that help make this happen every day, but a far deeper impact that is a story in itself.

Without knowing, or any premeditation, Bill and Bill helped to solidify a family of industry, building deep long lasting relationships within an industry that brings enjoyment pleasure and satisfaction to all consumers of snack foods. These 2 leaders of the industry realized early on that if you put trust and relationships before profits and growth everyone wins.

Today this personal philosophy lives on within the next generation, Chip Mann and Steve Huggins co-chairman lead the company into the next frontiers of "snacking."


  1. 1980
    Original building
  2. 1981
    North warehouse extended
  3. 1984
    West oven room extended
  4. 1987
    Carton warehouse added

  1. 1988
    South oven room extended
  2. 1990-91
    Department extended to the North and into the warehouse
  3. 1992
    East expansion of oven room and packaging room
  4. 1994
    Carton warehouse extended
  5. 1997
    Eastern extension of oven room and northern extension of warehouse

  6. 2011
    Added a peanut butter facility in Canonsbug, PA