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Private label is on the upswing. Make sure you maximize the opportunity.

Studies show that 4 out of 5 consumers are actively seeking value to address the economic squeeze they experience in today's economy. Half are increasing their store brand purchases, buying what's on sale rather than their former favorite brand. As a result, house brands are gaining in volume and dollars. At Pretzels, Inc., you get the same quality in our private label products as you get with every Pretzels, Inc. product.

Product flexibility.

This is the time to begin - or to increase - your custom label offerings. We can make it easy by being flexible and meeting your retailing needs. We offer vast product shape flexibility, from pretzel crisps to flavored corn puffs. If you can dream it, we can likely bake and deliver it. Ask us how we can fulfill your idea and your bulk pretzel manufacturing requirements. Find out more...

Packaging flexibility.

Many package sizes are available. Ask us about our flexible packaging options. Find out more...

Order size flexibility.

We manufacture both large and small private label orders.